Adriana Antonic Principal, Administrator of all School Operations Manager of Surrey Central location

Florina Nitu Manager of Burnaby location

Shvetha Udawatte Assistant of Manager – Surrey Central location

Vicki Wallace Manager of Parksville location



Preschool teachers

Florina Nitu – ECE certificate and French teacher

Helen Feng - AMI and ECE certificates and Head Teacher

Kavita Vishash - ECE certificate

Daycare teachers

Farah Naz - AMS and ECE certificates and Head Teacher

Josefa Sapelino - ECE and SN certificates

Samar Rahhal - ECEA certificate

Marie Montes - ECE certificate


Surrey Central

Preschool and Daycare teachers

Shvetha Udawatte - AMI and ECE certificates and Head Teacher

Michelle Parlett - ECE certificate

Eugenia Adeline Kgomo - ECE certificate


Parksville on Vancouver Island

Preschool and Daycare

Vicki Wallace - Montessori and ECE certificate, Head Teacher

Megan Plamondon - ECE certificate


AMI – Association Montessori International

AMS – American Montessori Society

ECE – Early Childhood Education

ECEA– Early Childhood Education Assistant

IT – Infant/ Toddler

SN – Special Needs

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