Bright Star Montessori School offers integrated, individualized, academically challenging programs designed to meet the developmental needs of children from 2 1/2 to 6 years old in our Burnaby, BC location.

While honoring the diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, and traditions, which our child clients come from, we place great emphasis on preparing the individual child to become a productive member of tomorrow’s diverse community he/she will have to excel in.

Children are placed in multi-age classrooms that span approximately three years. These groupings allow teachers to work with the children for more than one year, thus getting to know their individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Then, while encouraging joyful learning they are able to gently introduce concepts at developmentally optimal times.

In addition, multi-age groupings create a nurturing, home-like atmosphere where younger children are motivated to move ahead by watching the older children, while the older children reinforce their own learning by helping the younger ones. Graduates of Bright Star Montessori School have gone on to excel at the more challenging and demanding private schools, as well as public elementary schools.

It is said that education begins at home. We encourage and welcome our parent community as partners in the ongoing process of preparing their children for life – the Montessori way.

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