General Information

Parent Participation

Parent involvement creates a strong sense of community and contributes to Bright Star Montessori School being a special place – first and foremost for our student clients, but also for families and staff. We are eager to have the parents join in and participate.

There are a number of ways that we welcome our parents to contribute and enhance the quality of the experience for children attending Bright Star Montessori School.

Teachers always need help during Field trips, such as organizing and preparing for each trip, as well as driving and chaperoning during outings. A sign-up sheet will be posted regarding specific needs.

Cultural and Religious events are an excellent way for parents to share and bring their traditions to the school. Involvement may include preparing a presentation for an event with special ethnic dish, presenting traditional costume, pictures, or other objects of arts and crafts, or customs and rituals typical of a culture and its traditions.


Parent – teacher trust and expectations are best maintained through effective communication. Clear understanding prevents issues from turning into problems which, in turn, greatly benefits all members of Bright Star Montessori School community. The school welcomes comments and encourages parents to seek answers to their questions. Parents are encouraged to speak directly to a teacher about a concern, to visit them briefly before or after class, or to set up a time for a meeting. It is recommended that the teacher be informed of the nature of the meeting request, so she/he can be better prepared to address specific concerns. Our teachers will follow the same procedure, should they wish to meet with a parent.

Parent – Teacher Conferences

Parent and teachers conferences are a formal time to discuss the progress of a child. They are held two times a year – once in the fall, and once in the spring. A sign-up sheet will be posted in order to reserve a conference time.


We encourage parents to come and observe the child’s classroom. It offers a unique opportunity to view and appreciate the Montessori approach, as well as seeing the child at work. Parent observation sessions are offered twice a year and times can be reserved on the sign-up sheet. We request that observers do not interact with the teacher, or any of the children in class.

Arrival and Dismissal

Being late creates significant disruption to the class and is not acceptable. The doors are closed and locked 10 minutes after the scheduled start of class, in order to respect the needs and safety of the class that is in progress. Three late arrivals will result in a request to meet with the Director of School to discuss the circumstances surrounding the habitual lateness. While our desire is to support all families, our concern for the disruption to the class and the safety and comfort of all children takes precedence.

The same policy applies to children being picked up at the end of their respective days.


Please call the school prior to the scheduled class time, if your child is going to be absent from school.

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